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How to Effectively Collect and Store Lavender

How to Effectively Collect and Store Lavender

Among the various examples of Lavender, about three main examples stand out from the rest, the English, Italian and French Lavender. Some variety of lavender can be grown easily. You can also choose hybridized lavender plants if you want bigger flowers.

If you intend to harvest the lavender plants for its rich and aromatic oil or to make lovely lavender pillows, then you should choose the English lavender because it has the strongest and most intoxicating scent. It is the most popular type of lavender, with its compact and concise growth reaching more than three feet high. English lavender possesses pointed leaves that are colored silver and small mauve flowers grow at the end of the immense stems of the English Lavender.

Different flowers from color white, pink, mauve and blue are available on the English lavender. The highest concentration of oil can be found on the flowers of the Lavender. The French variety of Lavender is considered to be the toughest of all varieties, reaching an imposing height of 5 feet. If the French lavender blooms are snipped off on a daily basis, it will grow for about 9 months of the year, giving a fantastic value for your cash and time.

The flowers that are cut-off can be sun dried and used as potpourri or store the lavender after it is harvested in sleeping pillows to give you a heavenly scent while sleeping. The leaves of French lavender have a lot of uses as well. Place it on a sunny area and it will give you a fantastic color in the blooms. The Italian variation of lavender is considered to be the “baby” of the three varieties, reaching only about 2 feet high. There are not a lot of Italian lavenders, but it is well-worth your time to cultivate and nourish this lavender variety if you can find it.

The leaves of the Italian lavender are small and pointed. The leaves of the Italian lavender are also small compared with the other lavender varieties. Although Italian lavender bears a lot of similarities with English and French lavender, it still possess enough difference to make an interesting contrast. It blooms during the middle of the winter season until the early summer season and makes a good hedge cover, with the attractive mauve-colored flowers covering the entire hedge profusely.

The Italian variation of Lavender is not as highly perfumed compared with the other two examples of lavender. The appropriate time for harvesting flowers of lavender is before the last lavender flower opens. Harvest it on a dry day while there is a cool temperature to maintain the health of its oil essence. To store lavender after it is harvested or collected, you can place its flowers in air tight glass jars. After harvest, you should also store the lavender flowers in a cool place and well ventilated area.

Spread out the lavender in an open area to dry and then pick the blooms from the lavender stems and place them in airtight containers. Lavender is beautiful visually if made into a hedge or a number of lavender bushes placed together. Lavender oil is used to cure faintness and oily skin.

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