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Cooking with Spearmint

Cooking with Spearmint

Spearmint is the mint variety you can commonly find in many markets. It is mostly used in Greek dishes. It can be sold in different markets as fresh ones and dried ones. The fresh spearmint however is preferred than the dried type. Spearmint is also a good plant to grown in your garden of herbs. It can grow with minimal maintenance and care.

There are still many varieties to spearmint. There is an apple mint, peppermint, pineapple mint and chocolate mint and pineapple mint.

Spearmint has a cooling effect and it tastes sweet as well. It is mostly added to the last part of the cooking process to make the dish tastier like pastas or fish. Spearmint is also typically added to lamb recipes. It is also best added to fruit salads, potatoes and peas. There are leaves that are steeper and they are added to cream to make mint chocolates.

The typical spearmint plant can grow up to two feet in height. The leaves are usually green and the edges are jagged. The plants have a good smell and the flowers can become pink or lilac.

In Greek dishes spearmint is used in dishes with cheese, tomatoes or tomato sauces, rice and meat dishes. The steeped kind of the spearmint is one of the best types to make for the spearmint tea. Spearmint is also widely used for commercial purposes like flavoring for gums, drinks, candies and other food. The extracted oils are also applied to different confections and the sprigs are usually added to en trees as a decorative touch.

Mint like spearmint is known to provide good benefits for the well being of humans and many ancient Greeks have passed the tradition of cooking with spearmint. They have passed their favorite recipes some of which are the following:

1.Spearmint tea – It is ideal to use the leaves that are steeped. This kind helps in better digestion and improves the condition of the colon. This also provides a calming effect that alleviates vomiting and nausea. It calms any intestinal upset. The fresh spearmint leaves are good for relieving headaches by simply rubbing then on your forehead. The fresh leaves also help relieve itchiness of the skin for allergies. You can also use this to remove nasal congestions by inhaling the aroma.

Below is a recipe of the mint pesto which you can add to your pasta.


1.two cups of fresh leaves of spearmint
2.half a cup of oil preferably olive
3.four chopped cloves of garlic


Blend them well by using a blender and add to your pasta.

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