How to Grow and Use Herbs
Strategies for Growing Potted Herbs

Strategies for Growing Potted Herbs

Even if you have a garden, sometimes growing a potted herb is still the best option, especially if you are the type who likes to move things around. Aside from their mobility, there are other advantages here.

These include having direct control over their exposure to the sun; even if it is winter, you can bring them indoors and use a skylight to simulate the sun. This in turn will assure you of a steady stream of herbs for garnishing or tea. Of course, you also do not have to worry about digging up your garden just to perform layering or making a division.

If you want to start growing a potted herb, you need to be aware of the fact that the moisture the plants receive will be different from that in garden soil, and may be less. This is due to the different materials that are used in making these containers. However, a lot of the popular types, including rosemary, basil, lavender and mint will grow well in pots.

Aside from picking high grade containers, another thing you need to consider when growing a potted herb are the seeds. Even though seeds may look the same, some are of a poor quality and spoil easily. In addition, the lack of proper food can cause further damage. Besides following the instructions on the packets, you might want to go online and ask around for good shops near you so you can buy the right types.

Growing a potted herb indoors does not necessarily mean you should keep them there at all times. If there is sunlight outside, you should allow the plants to receive some of it, although there are some that need it more than others. Too much exposure to the sun may harm it.

Watering is also important when growing a potted herb. Too little will result in dehydration and too much will cause the root to rot. Compared with most plants, herbs just need the soil to be moist, not too wet. As long as the soil is springy, then there is little need to water it now. Only when the ground gets hard should you water, and only enough to dampen it.

Those are the essential steps you need to take for growing a potted herb. Whatever difficulties there may be come only at the start, but having grown accustomed to it, nurturing these plants will become easier.

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