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Different Ways of Storing Parsley

Different Ways of Storing Parsley

If you want to get the maximum flavor out of your herbs, you should make it a point to preserve them. If you are interested in learning how to store parsley after it is harvested, the following may help.

How to store parsley after it is harvested (method 1): chilling in the freezer

If you grow herbs in an outdoor garden, this is the method that you will want to avail of. By employing this technique, you will be able to keep the parsley fresh for as long as two weeks. The procedure begins after you cut off the stems and leaves from the plant. The next step is to collect the ones that will not be used for today’s cooking and place them in a wrapper.

The wrapper should be set inside a container (airtight). Now you can set this inside your freezer. Only remove it from this location when you are ready to use it. Again, this is good for up to two weeks after picking from the plant.

How to store parsley after it is harvested (method 2): keep in the fridge

If you are not going to keep the herbs for long (i.e., you are going to use it tomorrow), then there is no need to place it inside the freezer. In this case you can just consign it to the fridge. While this is not as efficient as being chilled, it is all that is needed if the herbs are to be used the next day.

How to store parsley after it is harvested (method 3): drying the leaves

This is a technique that you can utilize when the herb is to be used soon. Basically what you just need to do is to remove the stems or twigs. The leaves should be gathered inside a plastic and kept in room temperature. You may store it in a closet or drawer, but in most cases, just keeping it at room temperature is good enough.

It needs to be pointed out that in order for you to learn how to store parsley after it is harvested, you should pay close attention to the way it is planted. After all, the texture of the herb will be entirely dependent on how it was cultivated and harvested.

After evaluating the ways how to store parsley after it is harvested, it will become apparent that it is very similar to those other herbs. That goes to show how simple it is to actually use these plants for flavoring your food.

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