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Possible Ways of Storing Mint After It is Harvested

Possible Ways of Storing Mint After It is Harvested

Mint has a variety of uses. It may be used for cooking and as an herbal preparation to soothe tired muscles. For people who would like to use mint in cooking or in relaxation, it is best if they plant mint in the garden or in pots that may be placed in the kitchen. Once the mint is ready to be used, they can harvest the mint and consume it. However, those who wouldn’t use the harvested mint immediately should know how to store mint after it is harvested. Here are some tips.

1. Use the mint fresh.

The best way to store mint after it is harvested is to use it in cooking or in your herbal preparation. Once part of a food preparation, you may store the mint product according to the storage instructions of the recipe. Being an herbal plant, once picked, the mint may lose some of its aroma especially if it is exposed to air. Extreme light and high temperatures may also cause the mint to lose some of its flavor. If you would like to look for recipes with mint or would like to know how to prepare herbal mint preparation, you can always check the Internet for the instructions.

2. Flatten the mint leaves and store in a cool place.

A cool place is the best place in storing mint after it is harvested. Keep the leaves flat and store them in a cool, dry place, which is not exposed to extreme light. It is necessary to keep the leaves flat when storing mint to minimize the loss of the aroma. If the leaves are folded or crumpled, there is a tendency that the aroma of the herb will be released from the folds of the leaves.

3. Freeze the mint in an airtight container.

Placing the mint leaves after harvesting them is also another option in storing the leaves. The airtight container may be a plastic container that may be placed inside the freezer. Make sure that the container has a screw cap so that you can return the bottle to the freezer after getting the amount of mint leaves that you need. If you cannot find a suitable airtight container, you may improvise by placing the mint leaves in at least an inch-deep food container and seal the top with a plastic wrap before placing it in the freezer.

There are various ways to store mint, as there are many uses of this herb.

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