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Proper Way of Harvesting and Storing Parsley

Proper Way of Harvesting and Storing Parsley

Harvesting a vegetable in good quality and knowing how to handle it well and store it in the best conditions will surely help the quality of your vegetables. There are important things you must never forget if you want your vegetables or herbs to stay fresh always.

Vegetables like herbs still continue with the natural process long after you have picked them. These are just natural reactions with living or fresh produce. For some immature or unripe vegetables like green tomatoes there are people who prefer storing them in room temperature to hasten the ripening activity. Storage however will not improve the taste or the quality of the vegetable. The herb or vegetable should be taken care well for it to grow well and have its best taste.

Parsley is one of the herbs widely used for many dishes. Start your harvest of parsley just as soon as the plant has the leafy stems that usually appear with three divisions. Pick the largest leaf on the outer side of the plant which means that you should leave the newer shoots to age further. To allow a thicker growth just pick the middle section of the leaf .

Keeping the harvested parsley always fresh means you should keep it in the ref and put the stems in a clean jar full of water and the jars should be inside a plastic. Another option is sprinkling the parsley leaves with some water and then slipping them each inside a plastic container and putting them in the ref. These mentioned ways will make sure the parsley remains fresh for at least two weeks.

Freezing herbs like parsley is one of the best ways you can prolong the shelf life. It is one of the most effective methods It can freeze best if the leaves have been chopped before placing them in a plastic bag with some water. You can also freeze them in a tray with some ice cubes. You can also keep them in a tight freezer bag made of plastic. You can freeze parsley up to six months and still use them after that.

Parsley can also be dried but it can also lose so much of its original flavor. Put each parsley leaflet in a tray for cookies. Then turn the oven on and preheat it in four hundred degrees Fahrenheit then turn it off and put the tray inside and let it stay there overnight. You can also try doing in with the right temperature in a microwave. Store it later in a jar that has a tight cover. The dried parsley can still have the same taste even after one year.

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